“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“Buy the moped.” Mr. Mopedix

Mopedix really isn’t a babetta
How does it compare to the mopeds of the last century? How does it compare to current motorcycles of various categories?
Exhibition motorcycle Prague 2023
The missing link in the motorcycling world had its proud representative at Motorcycle 2023: the MOPEDIX ELECTRIX

Moped-ix Games
1st year of traditional multi-battle with hookers It’s over! About two dozen fighters on mopeds with a spider under their asses completed the historic race.

Porto Korado: On mopeds against the wind

About a journey that began in the village of Zaječice near Pyšely, in the heart of the Czech Republic. About guys who aren’t afraid. About low profile looking machines. About an expedition that is far from being over…

The bees are hungrily rushing to the first flowers, it’s spring 2018. And that’s when Martin “Láska” finally does it and pulls out his old “fichtel” (Jawa 50) from the garage. And after him, Václav – his grandfather’s “stump” (Jawa 550) for a change. Neither of them knows that in a few months it will be quite crowded in the garage and the cottage…

And then Henry, whom we call Bushman. He’s got a full garage today. He didn’t inherit his grandfather’s “fichtel” or “stump”, but his boyish love of the smell of petrol and oil has bit him hard. “Fichtel is shit, the only proper ride is on a moped that doesn’t craps out,” he said and promptly bought a Manet Korado number 1, starting a chain reaction that logically led to the immediate founding of a moped gang.


You enjoy the smell of gasoline
and engine sound?


You’re not afraid
to try new things?


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