Mopedix Crew


“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”  Elon Musk

“Repeated failures lower expectations. But someday you may surprise.”  Mr. Mopedix

Who‘s to blame?

Mirek „Mirdix“ Špaček

Executive Directorix

Mirdix is the only one who knows a bit about numberix, a passionate bikerix and moped riderix, a technical talentix and a quiet math whiz with nerves of steelix… all-rounderix. He’s the manix responsible for developing mopedix and running the company.

Jindřich „Jindrix“ Melichar

Chief Designerix

Jindrix is an under-appreciated designerix, an avid motorcyclistix, a lover of good beerix, a graduate of the school of lifix and a big jokerix who founded the Bushman brand 25 years ago. He’s the manix responsible for designing more than just mopedix.

David „Davidix“ Kasl

Propagandix & Content Managerix

Davidix is a masterix of words, an avid runnerix and cross-country skierix, a lover of good beerix, and a quarter Hispanix who enjoys English (and black) humorix. He’s the manix responsible for promoting mopedix.

But all three of us actually do everything, and we don’t shy away from taking advantage of our other moped gang mates, not to mention our friends, including our enemies.

Want to know more about our story and the birth of mopedix? Check out our story.

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