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“Electric moped maker Mopedix plans to produce up to 500 machines this year”

“In Žamberk, they have been making sajdkars for 67 years. Newly available for Czech electric scooter”

“I’ll leave the woman at home, but what about the dog? A Czech moped will also carry two barrels of beer on a Velorex sidecar”

I’m not Babette! Czech machine revives the past glory of mopeds

He founded the Bushman brand, now makes an electric moped with pedals

“A moped from Zajecice to every family. Mopedix wants to take over the Czech Republic with an electric Babette on steroids”

“With MOPEDIX in Ostrava”

“We have saddled the Czech moped for the modern era. It’s got panache, great equipment and a range of up to 75 km. But it doesn’t undercut the price.”

“Don’t call me Babette. Czech Mopedix wants to bring mopeds back into fashion”

The Czech electromoped can hit the roads. Mopedix will climb Jested

The new Czech moped is finally here! Mopedix has homologation and can finally hit the road

They started a moped gang out of a recession, now they climbed Ještěd with an electric machine

Mopedix, the first Czech moped with electric drive, presented in Liberec

The Mopedix reliably carries a man of the “obelix” model. The start-up Goodped and experts from the Technical University presented together the invented electric scooter

The Czechs have made a newfangled battery-powered babette. The price will surprise you

The first purely Czech electromoped hits the roads. The University of Liberec also helped him into the world

The first purely Czech electromoped arrived under Ještěd. Liberec experts also helped

The new Babette? Liberec scientists collaborated on the development of the first Czech electromoped

Mopedix, the electric successor to the legendary Babetta, set off for Ještěd.

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