Love at first sight!

Thanks for stopping by the Motorcycle 2023 for a ride.

The missing link in the motorcycling world had its proud representative at Motorcycle 2023: the MOPEDIX ELECTRIX – an exceptional and agile motorcycle, a reliable and maintenance-free machine, but also an alternative and ecological means of transport all in one. Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

We knew that when you ride the mopedix, you will leave with a smile. Your spontaneous reactions to the driving characteristics were a balm for the soul, most of all we were delighted by the appreciation from echt fans of petrol and classic machines. Not only in terms of the Electrix’s agility, but also its solidity, honest workmanship, and the fact that it can carry not only a case of beer, but two people like nothing. The Mopedix is simply no Babette, and it gives a whole new dimension to the moped category. Did you miss it? Don’t believe it? Come by for a test ride, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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And how did the Electrix Mopedix fare in the Motorcycle of the Year poll? The organizer only announces the first in category and the overall winner, the evaluation of the expert jury is not public, nor are the points from them or the public, so we have no choice but to say that the mopedix Electrix was the (a)moral winner in the poll! As the only representative of Made in Czech Republic machines, it is well deserved.

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