T-shirt WAY grey

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You’re free as a bird on a moped. That’s why your new short-sleeved cotton T-shirt deserves a badge of honour that lets you soar into the sky on your machine.

Chest circumference (cm) 98-104 104-110 110-116 116-122 122-128

Inspired by the Air Force insignia, this cotton T-shirt is for guys who won’t get lost in the world. And if you happen to hesitate, throw it on, the print will show you the right way. Mopedix isn’t just a moped, it’s a lifestyle and kind of a seriously unserious way of looking at the world and yourself. Mopedix is just a journey you take once and never get off it.


  • 100% cotton
  • men’s short sleeve T-shirt
  • print with aviation motif
  • 4 holes: for body, head and both arms
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