T-shirt FUN denim blue

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Enough fun, with a moped between your legs you’ll get a real ride! And size doesn’t matter, unless it’s a men’s cotton T-shirt with a funny print…

Chest circumference (cm) 98-104 104-110 110-116 116-122 122-128

They say everyone wants to ride a moped, but no one wants to be seen on one. Only someone who’s never had a moped between their legs could have come up with that. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Nobody would believe you anyway. A moped is simply a joy for you and those around you, so don’t be shy about showing it off with a print on an original men’s mopedix cotton t-shirt.


  • 100% cotton
  • men’s short sleeve T-shirt
  • funny print with the moped
  • 4 holes: for body, head and both arms
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