Socks AUIX blue

6,5  inc. VAT

When you let your legs get run over by a moped… it hurts, but you can’t just stop the passion. Echt Czech socks with attention to detail are finally in your shoe!

Watch your step! Especially without shoes. Echt Czech AUIX socks are already run over in advance, because it would be a real bummer if it happened twice… Plus they’re comfortable, thick enough for year-round wear and they don’t roll over. Get them in your shoes (sandals aren’t shoes, are they?) and saddle up the machine!


  • 80 % cotton, 15 % polyamide, 5 % elastane
  • unisex
  • length above ankle
  • dangerous decor
  • 1x hole in each sock: for the foot
  • echt Czech made
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