Goggles OKULIX yellow

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These moped goggles give you a super wide view and don’t fog up even in foggy conditions.

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Even the fog won’t throw you off! With OKULIX retro glasses you can see the world yellow and damn sharp even in the milk. With these moped goggles you have a super wide view and it won’t fog up thanks to the clever ventilation holes in the frames. They’re lined with comfortable foam padding in faux leather, and an adjustable elastic strap ensures the right fit on your face – you can wear them over your helmet, but feel free to wear them on your head when you’re hiking. Just let everyone know which family you belong to!


  • retro design
  • quality ventilation
  • yellow lenses, suitable for fog
  • elastic strap with adjustable length
  • one size fits all
  • unisex
  • packed in a cloth bag

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